Our Work

Intervening in forest destruction takes lots of work, and that work takes many forms. Below are some of the examples of what the Forestry Watch community has been working on that is helping stop the loss of native forests, hold the industry to account, and build the capacity of our community to take action.

If any of this inspires your own ideas, please reach out so we can help make it happen.

Coupe Surveys & Breach Reports

Coupe survey reports are conducted to show the relative maturity of habitat within a coupe and the importance of the area for a range of threatened species. Reports detail findings, recommendations, and methodology.

Breaches highlight alleged failures to adhere to the Forest Practices Code.

Building Our Community

Building the capacity of the wider community to understand the driving forces behind native forest logging, and the processes through which ecosystems are converted to timber products is a critical role that Forestry Watch plays. Some of the ways we have done this include:

  • Training in understanding the Three Year Plan of scheduled logging.
  • Teaching others the way we keep an eye on logging activity to ensure we are aware of what is being logged and when.
  • Skill sharing days in forests to teach plant identification, spotting tree hollows, ecological survey techniques, and understanding forestry practices.