About Us.

Forestry Watch is a grassroots citizen collective from lutruwita/Tasmania, dedicated to protecting the native forests of this island. We survey threatened forests for habitat for threatened species, giant trees, and for dodgy practices, and use this evidence to advocate for protection. As an organisation we believe in the power of the community to create change. We emphasise building the capacity of others to take action for forests and wildlife, and in having a good time while doing so.

Over the last two years, the Forestry Watch community has grown and surveyed hundreds of hectares of stolen forest across the south, east and north of the island. In doing so we have uncovered multiple alleged breaches, highlighted ongoing loss of old growth forest and habitat for threatened species, engaged directly in planning processes to achieve real outcomes for forest protection, and built the capacity of the community to better understand and take action for forests across lutruwita/Tasmania.

As it stands, more than 800 000 hectares of stolen forests are managed by Sustainable Timber Tasmania, with over 35 000 hectares of old growth forest available for logging and large swathes of critical habitat cleared each year. Our work in the future will focus on achieving real outcomes for forests in the immediate future, highlighting the loss of forests through grassroots field work and media cretion, working with architects and builders to feel empowered to be part of the changes needed in this time of crisis, and to continue to show how standing up for native forests can be a fun and enjoyable part of a responsible life on this special island.

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